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Holla in France

Holla! was founded by Jane Hunt. Jane is English and lives in south west France.

Following a successful career in professional sales and account management, Jane moved into the public relations / communications field since moving to France in 2010.

At Holla! we recognise that there are thousands of English-speakers living in France and that for businesses based here, these could form a significant proportion of your business’ customer base.

Holla! was created in order to help you attract these customers and to help you keep hold of them. Over the last few years, we have built extensive contacts, networks and experience working with the English speak press and publications; attracting the English speaking market is our niche and our knowledge base is our strength. We combine this with a creative twist and a flair for words to help your business stand out and succeed.

At Holla! we speak both French and English, so no matter which nationality you are, we want to help you find and retain your English-speaking customers.

Our expertise and experience lies in the English-speaking market in France. There are thousands of English speakers living in France and we know where to find them. We can help your business to reach and retain English-speaking customers.

Our approach is simple. During an initial consultation, we listen to you to understand about your business, what your strengths are, what your challenges are, who your current customers are, who your potential customers are, what is unique about your business and why people would want to buy from you.

We combine this knowledge with our know-how in attracting customers within the English-speaking market in France to provide you with a solution to make your business as successful as it can be. Our solutions are tailored and can range from simple advice and guidance to fully managed advertising and marketing services.

Why the English-speaking market? Because this is where our marketing know-how lies. Through the years, Holla! has built up advertising and marketing expertise and contacts within the English-speaking community in France, allowing your business to benefit directly from this.

Our services
Every customer is different which is why our solutions are made for you. It’s also why we sit down with you and really listen to what your business needs. This is the first step.

Tell us what the business issues are that you are trying to solve.

Original, punchy and attention-grabbing.

Social media
Befuddled by Facebook? Tormented by Twitter? Leave it to us.

Let us help you find new customers, and then keep them.

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Is it time for you to learn French?
In just 10-15 minutes day, it is now achievable via Holla!'s new partnership with Frantastique!
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In no time, you will be mastering French!
This offer expires on 30th April 2016 so please make sure you sign up for your free trial now to get started. 

Holla in France

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"I feel that “Holla" has revolutionised my business. It has brought me new clients very quickly, and the advertising campaign that they did for me meant that the adverts can change and evolve to constantly work on the market so that I should also have new clients coming to me in the future as well. Jane is very professional and flexible in her approach. She took the time to understand my business . Everything was tailor-made to suit my needs. Definitely worth investing in."
Tracy Davidson, Reflexologist from Reflex 16-24 (

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