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There has long been a need for a house-sitting resource that offers a network of house-sitters. pet sitters and homeowners with considerable insider knowledge of house-sitting, home care and maintenance, and pet care. HouseSit Match  was developed by a couple of friends and their love of affordable travel!

How you benefit from HouseSit Match and the network

House-sitting is a growing global trend in a world where disposable income levels are not what they once were. We are all finding the need to be more frugal, cutting back where we can. House-sitting offers many real time benefits.

House-sitters can:

- take a holiday without costly accommodation
- live like a local – have a more authentic holiday experience
- alleviate the burden of paying rent while building a new house
- indulge a love of animals
- familiarise yourself with a new area you are considering moving to
- time out while recovering from a relationship break-up
- house-sit just to save money

Homeowners can rest assured their property will be cared for, namely:

- your cared-for home
- lovingly-tended garden
- your beloved pets
- your pool
- your car
- Or, your insurance premium
- And you can save money too by not having to pay costly kennelling or cattery fees

A Reliable Resource

Leaving the house in the care of a stranger is something that naturally can make you nervous and should not be taken lightly. That’s where HouseSit Match comes in; on our Hints and Tips page we offer a range of guidelines and legally approved template contracts and documents for registrants that will help to make this a smooth process.

Scalable Membership Options

We recognise that everyone has different needs and budgets, so have formulated a choice of two levels of service each offering a different size of advertisement and additional features:

STANDARD (introductory - owners list one housesit at a time) £35 GB/ Eur £40 per year

PREMIUM (advertisement will full profile, photo and video portfolio, owners can list multiple housesits simultaneously).  £75 GB/ Eur £85 per year
To learn more about each level of service and how it would suit you, contact us

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HouseSit Match

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“By September I will have used HouseSit Match five times this year, and I am happy to recommend their service. It’s so easy to meet experienced pet-sitters who are like-minded people, respectful of my property. This is the answer for pet owners who travel and need someone to just step into their shoes to care for pets and property at home. HouseSit Match has certainly helped me a great deal. It’s a great idea!”
~ Scan11, Spain ~ Homeowner

“I have used HouseSit Match twice now and the service is excellent. The house-sitter they found for us was very good, all the animals were very well looked after. We were a little apprehensive about leaving our house and animals in a stranger’s care, but after meeting the house-sitter and spending a day with her, we were happy to leave her in full charge. I would be happy to recommend HouseSit Match to anybody and will continue to use them.”
~ Macculloch, Spain ~ Homeowner

"Totally reliable and trustworthy HouseSitting arrangement
I had never thought about offering my home to be house-sat before so this was the first time. I found the whole experience to be most rewarding - and not just in terms of saving me a lot of money on the pet-care bill! My house lacked that dull feeling after leaving it unattended for a week. The lawns were moved, the floors hoovered, the junk mail binned, and milk for a cup of tea waiting for me in the fridge. My dog was very happy too. In return I gave a young man the opportunity of visiting a beautiful part of England that he wouldn't have seen otherwise. It was a very satisfying transaction for everyone concerned."
Mary Nonde

"Superb platform and user experience
Thank you for having such a user friendly website. It has helped us easily facilitate securing our first house sit half way around the world. 
As you can imagine there has been a lot of communication between us and the pet owners, your internal email system has helped keep everything in one place and the conversations organized. 
Keep up the great work!"
Eden Rudin

"Someone that we could trust with out animals !!
Shirley came to us last Oct and we went away on holiday for the first time and never worried about getting back to our 6 cats & 3 dogs, our minds were at peace knowing that we trusted the person who was looking after all of our animals, shirley came back again in Dec while we were back in England and this time she took on feeding all my stray animals 3 times a week, also she stayed on longer when my husband has a foot operation, and helped me with my market stall, and came out in our van to collect items that people donate to me to raise funds for the stray animals, all in all we love shirley, who by the way is coming back in June for 2 weeks"
Ronna Clark

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