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KBN Coaching

Online Business English Coaching for the Mindful Professional & Confidence Coaching for Language and Life

For Non-Native Speakers learning English for Business or Expatriation

For Native Speakers who lack confidence

For YOU!

Hi I’m Kelly, a British Expat who has lived in France for more than 20 years (bilingual in French and English), currently based in Ariege but connected worldwide by skype and telephone. I’m a Certified Language Coach (ICF-accredited) trained in Neurolanguage Coaching® as well as a qualified Life Coach.

I’m here to make a difference. In your language-learning life. And hopefully in your life in general.

Quite a bold statement isn’t it?! Believe me, it’s not something I say lightly but I trust myself completely to always give you the best of my ability. As my client, I care about your confidence, prosperity, satisfaction and enjoyment.

I don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” approach to language learning. I only work 1:1 as I believe that you deserve my undivided attention and focus, and my lessons are tailor-made for you because YOU are unique. As I consider each client as my own VIP, I analyse carefully how I can serve you in the best way possible. That’s why our coaching sessions start with a complimentary coaching conversation so that I can fully understand where you are now, where you want to be and what is currently stopping you. Confidence in ourselves is a huge asset (whether we are learning a language or not) and it starts with how we feel… about language, about life and, most importantly, about ourselves. This is why I also offer confidence coaching to both non-native and native speakers of English.

My English coaching is different to a traditional teaching experience. It is based on coaching tips, techniques and life science – I’m a Certified Language Coach (ICF-accredited) trained in Neurolanguage Coaching® as well as a qualified Life Coach –  and your lesson content is tailor-made to fit you, your interests and your goals. My aim is to help you find your English “flow” and glide your way to success (whatever “success” might mean to you).

What else can I tell you?

Even though this journey is all about you, here are a few little details about me just to give you an idea: I’m British and have lived in France for over 20 years. I speak three languages (you see, I’m also a life-long language learner!) as well as being a Mum, Wife, Twin Sister, Avid Traveller, Life Questioner, Film Buff & Cappucino Addict!

Which English levels do I work with?

My coaching sessions are perfect for intermediate to advanced learners of English as well as native speakers of English who wish to improve their general confidence.

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