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The Hearing Aid Repair Shop

The Hearing Aid Repair Shop is a joint venture company set up in 2002 and is owned partly by Mary Hare and a large multi-national hearing aid company.  By having your hearing aid repaired with HARS you are actively supporting a national charity for deaf children. Due to the connection with Mary Hare, HARS have more than 50 years’ experience of fitting, managing and repairing a wide variety of hearing aids to children and young people with deafness. As you can imagine that has provided a wealth of experience, especially as children are not known for their care in handling delicate items like hearing aids.

What does HARS offer?
Repair of all makes/ models of Hearing Aids
Unlimited access to a wide range of parts, meaning HARS can repair any make or model of hearing aid.

Fast, efficient service guaranteed
Three working day turnaround time on standard repairs

High quality repairs
The technicians are trained to the highest standards and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Buy Online Hearing Aid Products and Accessories
You can buy directly from the HARS website any of the listed products or accessories.

International Service
Repairs can be done and shipped internationally directly to your door – hassle free!

50% of the profits go to Mary Hare School
HARS are proud to say that half of their profits go to Mary Hare School for deaf children

You can find us on Facebook -
The Hearing Aid Repair Shop
Hars(UK) LTD, Pigeons Farm Road,
Thatcham, Berkshire
RG19 8XA
Tel:0044 1635 48724
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What people say about HARS

"Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for your excellent service. The repair and return services should be measured in hours rather than days, which took 70 hours for the aid to return! Thank you again." Mr D.V, Kent.

"I am so satisfied with the outcome of the repair of my hearing aid, I am truly amazed. It sounds like never before! The postage was also fast and efficient. Thank you for your excellent services, I will be sending my left hearing aid to you to have it cleaned and checked as well." Mr M.T, Crawley.

" Thank you! I have had an excellent service and very fast turnaround of my hearing aid.  The administrator Tessa, who wasn't well, went out to her way to assist in speeding up the repair of my hearing aid she was very polite and courteous. I feel that a 3 day turnaround is fantastic service and once again would like to thank you all. It’s not the first time I have used you and certainly won't be the last. I would recommend any one to use you for such excellent service." Mr J, Kent.

" I can't thank you enough. Exceptional service, wonderfully understanding conversations and unbeatable pricing! You have a customer for life!" Mr D, Mottram.

"I just wanted to express my thanks at how quick you got my hearing aids repaired and back to me. Amazing service. Relieved to know there is somewhere to repair my aid when needed." Mrs C, UK.

"Excellent, excellent, excellent - excellent customer servicing, excellent repair (aid as good as new), excellent price. Will recommend you to my audiologist and friends, top class operation."   Mr TC, Cheshire.

"What a service you have, Your customer service is second to none that I have ever had from anyone else in my life. I am now 79 years of age. Broken hearing aid sent to you Mon 8th August, repaired by you and received back to me, and wearing again Thursday 11th Aug.  Many thanks to you and your staff they are a credit to your company in this day and age. Thanks Again."  Mrs PR, London.

I am amazed delighted at the speed with which HARS repaired and turned round my defective hearing aid  and consider that the additional charge for 24hr service in my case was money well spent.That your technician had the spare part for the remote control was an added bonus.    Mr JC, Dunlop

 Many many thanks for a speedy and excellent repair service, the aid was sent to you on Monday and was returned to me fully working as new on the Friday. Very highly recommended!! Thank you again it was a pleasure to do business with you. Mrs BC, England

The Hearing Aid Repair Shop is widely recommended by hearing aid professionals

"Just to thank you for your recent repair - as a hearing aid dispenser for 16 years, I have never come across such a wonderful service. I can't thank you enough for the trouble you have taken." 
Robert Donnan, Hearing Check Today

"I have placed all my repairs for years with the Hearing Aid Repair Shop. They are very fast, very reliable and very reasonably priced.  I wouldn't dream of changing my all-make repairer when the Hearing Aid Repair Shop is SO good!"
Paul Minikin Digital Hearing Care -  Independent Hearing Aid Audiologists covering Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester.

“I started using the Hearing Aid Repair Shop in 2009 and can only say I wish I’d found you earlier. You have save us hundreds of £££’s in repair costs and in turn this has saved our clients a lot of money too. Your fast turnarounds and professional workmanship helps to us to maintain a great relationship with our clients as they are generally dependent on their hearing aids to maintain their lifestyle. Thanks to the team at HARS”
Digital hearing aids at Crystal Hearing Ltd,  John Lloyd RHAD.

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