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Prana Navina Yoga

Prana Navina Vision

As Yogi’s our ultimate goal is enlightenment, which involves realizing the unity and interconnectedness of all beings and things. The transformative journey of Yoga unites body, mind and spirit. Prana Navina Yoga opens the gateway to this ancient spiritual discipline, awakening the power to transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

We strive to live in the present moment everyday, evolving and becoming more connected to our surroundings, and the impact that our actions can have on the future. Our aim is to help and support you embrace the Sacred Power of Yoga and deepen your connections to those around you, creating joy, happiness, health and an open heart.

Making health and life changes is not easy, but the results are definitely worthwhile. Optimal health with increased energy is under your control, and we are here to make the path easier for you. We offer guidance and support, information and options that are based on your individual genetic makeup. We look at all factors, such as present lifestyle, eating habits, desires and influences. We help you create a balance in your life and give you the tools to deal with the challenges of detoxing and healthy lifestyle choices. Dietary perfection is not a realistic goal, it puts unrealistic pressures on you, but adopting healthy lifestyle choices is realistic and will set you on the path to optimal health.

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Prana Navina Yoga
30 Rue du Bourg Pallier
La Rouchefoucauld
Tel:06 48 02 32 21
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‘I’ve been attending Tandy’s classes for over a year and have noticed a huge improvement in my core strength and general fitness. Her classes leave me warm, flexible and at peace. Tandy never ceases to amaze me with her enthusiasm and love of yoga. She is an inspiration! ‘

‘I attended one of Tandy’s Yoga classes many years ago in Australia, and on a recent trip to France had the pleasure to spend a week on one of her Yoga and Detox Retreats. The retreat was amazing, I felt refreshed and invigorated;  I love her energy and her relaxed style of teaching. The perfect cure to jet lag!’

’15 months ago I was a novice to yoga, since attending my first class with Tandy I feel much more in tune with myself and more aware of my body. Tandy has a great skill of teaching a class with different abilities and often varying ailments and tailoring the moves to suit individuals while keeping the class flowing, her charm and enthusiasm is infectious  makes me feel good to be alive…. and looking forward to the next class! ‘

‘I’ve been enjoying Tandy’s classes for a little over a year and have never looked back! I am always motivated to attend, as I know that I’ll feel great afterwards. Tandy’s teaching style works well for me. The atmosphere she creates is very relaxed, there is no sense of competition and we generally have a good giggle. Tandy seems to have an intuition; as if she knows what I’m thinking, as whenever I’m at the point of asking should I be doing something a bit differently, she amends my positioning accordingly; before the words have left my mouth! ‘

‘I attended one of Tandy’s Yoga and Hiking Retreats in the French mountains with the aim to increase my fitness, but came away with so much more. I have been a keen hiker for many years, and thought that Yoga would help me with my aching muscles. I learnt so much about my body, but also about my motivation towards fitness. Tandy helped me really connect with my body, and opened my eyes to the powerful practice of Vinyasa Yoga’.

‘What a wonderful  Restorative Yoga workshop! Thank you Tandy, feeling better and would… fully recommend to any one, especially those with fibromyalgia or other health problems!’

‘Tandy takes an interest in each of her students and encourages us to work within our own capabilities.  She rightly states that we know our own bodies, so are the best judge of whether we can push ourselves a little further.  That said, she knows if we are taking things a little too easily and encourages us!  Safe practice is top of her list too.  She consistently reminds us that we need to warm up certain areas/muscles before we can increase stretches for example.  Back care is high on her agenda too.  She checks if people have existing injuries or conditions and alters their practice accordingly’.

‘I came to Tandy after a friend recommended her, as she had helped her relieve acute IBS symptoms through her Personal Nutritional Consultation service. I had also been suffering from stomach problems that left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I had tried many different diets and prescription medicines to try and gain relief, but never fully got to the root of the problem. After an in-depth consultation Tandy helped me through a home detox and worked on creating a healthy stomach and intestines. I saw immediate results and have continued to improve over the last few months. As a bonus, I have also managed to loose half a stone, that I had been trying to shift for years!’

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