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Susan Keefe author

Susan Keefe – Author of the Toby’s Tails series of children’s books.

My Toby’s Tails series of children’s books are for children aged approximately 4 – 9 years, who love animals. The books offer a wealth of information about family pets and the natural world, and the star is our adorable Border Collie Toby. All the animals live on, or around our smallholding. 

The books are available in Paperback and Kindle format from all Amazon sites worldwide and my website 
Some of the books are also available in French and Spanish. 

Toby’s Tails (Book 1)

Come and join Toby in an alluring story of his early life with is beloved family while learning about wildlife and domestic animals through the eyes and thoughts of a puppy.

Toby’s Tails – The Chicken Patrol (Book 2)

Bubbles the hen is distraught, she has lost her chick. Back in the yard, Benji the cockerel calls a meeting. Could there be a fox about, and if there is, what can be done? Can Toby the Border Collie help them?

Toby et Compagnie - Le Mystere du Poulailler (Livre 2) – Francais

Bulle la poule est dans tous ses états, elle a perdu son poussin. De retour dans la cour, Benji le coq convoque une réunion. Est-ce que ce serait un renard, et si oui, que peut-on faire? Est-ce que Toby le Border Collie peut les aider?

Las adventuras de Toby - La Patrulla de las Gallinas (Libro 2) Español

Bubbles la gallina ha perdido a su pollito. Se ha convocado a una reunión. ¿Habrá un zorro cerca? Las gallinas, con la ayuda de Toby, el perro Border Collie de la granja, deben resolver el misterio y hacer de Fantasy Farm un lugar seguro otra vez.

Toby's Tails - Billy and Daisy's Big Adventure (Book 3)

Billy and Daisy are kids, but not the human kind, they're baby goats! One day their life changes forever when they go to live at Fantasy Farm with Toby the Border Collie and all his farmyard friends.

Toby’s Tails – Still Wagging (Book 4)

Still Wagging continues Toby the Border Collie’s adventures at Fantasy Farm, the smallholding where he grew up. In this, the enchanting follow up to the popular Toby’s Tails, the reader, young or old can enjoy meeting again all Toby’s original farm and wild animal friends from the first book, and be introduced to many more.

Toby et Compagnie - Ca bouge toujours! (Livre 4) Francais

"Ça bouge toujours poursuit les aventures de Toby le Border Collie dans la Ferme Fantastique, la petite ferme où il a grandi. Dans cette suite merveilleuse de Toby et Compagnie, le lecteur, jeune ou moins jeune peut se réjouir de retrouver toute la ferme de Toby ainsi que les animaux sauvages du premier livre, et d'en découvrir d'autres encore.

Toby's Tails - The Christmas Kittens (Book 5)

When Toby’s owners rescue three little kittens they quickly discover how rewarding, yet mischievous they can be.

Toby et compagnie - Les chatons de Noel (Livre 5) Francais

Quand les maîtres de Toby récupèrent trois petits chatons, ils découvrent rapidement à quel point ils peuvent apporter à la fois de la tendresse et des bêtises...

Las aventuras de Toby ? Los Gatitos de Navidad (Libro 5) Español

Cuando los dueños de Toby rescatan a tres pequeños gatitos, rápidamente descubren lo gratificante, pero traviesos que pueden ser.

Toby's Tails - Saying Goodbye to Lucky (Book 6)

Losing a family pet can be a terrible experience for children and this book has been written with the aim of gently explaining the process so they may be able to come to terms with their loss.

Toby’s Tails – Easter at Fantasy Farm (Book 7)

Toby the Border Collie explores the world around the farm at Easter time. But there is a mystery in this book, something is making strange noises down a hole and they need to discover what it is. Full of Easter fun for everyone, with plenty of colourful pictures, this is the idea Easter gift for children.

Toby’s Tails – Toby Visits Chats du Quercy (Book 8)

Through the interaction of Toby the Border Collie, and Billy, Chats du Quercy rescue centres feline mascot, the reader will discover the rescue stories behind some of the cats and kittens who have stayed at this very special place, and the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Toby et Compagnie- Toby rend visite - Chats du Quercy (Livre 8) Francais

A travers l’interaction de Toby le Border Collie, et Billy le chat mascotte de Chats Du Quercy, le lecteur découvrira les histoires de quelques chats et chatons secourus et qui ont séjourné à cet endroit exceptionnel, ainsi que l’importance de la responsabilité des propriétaires de ces petits félins.

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Toby's Tails (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 1)
 “In this delightful story, Toby the lovable Border Collie relates in a lighthearted manner the adventures of his animal companions, both domestic and wild, and touches sensitively and gently on the occasional inevitable small tragedies that are a part of their life cycle. I believe this is a perfect book to inform and entertain younger readers about the wonders of the animal kingdom.

An enchanting book to educate children about the needs of animals and the importance of kindness to all living creatures. In this delightful story, Toby the lovable Border Collie relates in a light-hearted manner the adventures of his animal companions, both domestic and wild, and touches sensitively and gently on the occasional inevitable small tragedies that are a part of their life cycle.”

Toby's Tails - The Chicken Patrol 
“If you are a parent like me, you may be tired of Superheroes, Wizards, Aliens and Spaceships. Where can you find some books with close to real life situations? I found these in the

Fantasy Farm Tales books. If you want your child to learn about real problems in life, by all means, read these books to her. She will learn that there consequences to her acts, while sharing wonderful adventures with a farm dog called Toby. A book for children should show a problem that is not too big or not too small for children and The Chicken Patrol, and all of Susan's books excel at that.”

Toby's Tails - Billy and Daisy's Big Adventure (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 3)
“Kid goats, Billy and Daisy, tell their own story of their move to Susan's farm. Their conversations, both between themselves and with the other animals on the farm, will not only fire any child's imagination, but also provide real insight into goat behaviour and care and seasonal changes on the farm. 

Kids will love Billy and Daisy's escape adventure, not to mention the cute photos of these real goats, their animal friends and their own kid, Poppy, who is born towards the end. The book is a captivating visit to a happy place, with Susan's love of animals shining gently through each page.”

Toby's Tails - Still Wagging (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 4) 
“The delightful Toby is back with more sweet, true tales of his life on the smallholding in France. His shares his joy and love for the animals, both domestic and wild, who live close to him.

Toby relates the incidents in his daily life in short chapters, ideal to read to little ones to send them to sleep with happy images in their minds. Young people will delight in learning about the habits of the various wild animals, and the excitement of new arrivals on the farm. The relationship between Toby and his Mum and Dad is a perfect example of mutual love and companionship.

A lovely book in the Fantasy Farm series for any child’s bookshelf.”

Toby’s Tails – The Christmas Kittens (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 5)
“This is a very sweet short story for children about Toby the Border Collie who lives on Fantasy Farm, a smallholding in France. 

In this book Toby tells us about the three little kittens who join his family, their antics as they explore their new world and their first Christmas, where they enjoy playing hide and seek in the decorated tree. 

There are some lovely pictures (real colour photos) of Toby and his kitten friends, which I’m sure will be enjoyed by both children and adult readers. The kittens are lively, entertaining and get into mischief, but Toby is on hand to help them settle into their new family and even holds their paws as they visit the vet for the first time. He is a perfect Dog-Father to the new little ones and happy to share his life on Fantasy Farm.

There is a moral to this tale too and in simple language that children will understand it is explained why young animals do not make good gifts at Christmas. To help the non for profit French animal charity Hélianthus, founded in 2008, 10% of the profit of this book will be donated to them for their work that includes rehoming, fostering and spaying abandoned cats and dogs.”

Toby's Tails - Saying Goodbye to Lucky (Fantasy Farm Tales Volume 6). 
Susan Keefe has done it again with this latest charming addition to her Fantasy Farm Series which chronicles the lives of her and her husbands’ pets and the animal residents of their French smallholding.

This time it’s Lucky the elderly golden retriever whose story is told in Susan’s gentle, compassionate style – well, it’s actually the telling of his final few days and peaceful death. That might sound rather distressing to animal lovers of all ages, but believe me; it’s sad but not painful. Lucky has had a good long life much loved, and goes Gentle into the Good Night.

This is a very touching handling of what might have been a difficult subject for small children and the author narrates it in a sensitive, non-frightening manner.

And the symbolism she uses for Lucky’s departed soul is simply beautiful. Congratulations to her on another superb little book.

Highly recommended." J. E. Needham

"Such a heart-warming and touching story of a great loss, cherished memories and unforgettable friendships.

Toby's Tails is told through the dark, but glistening eyes of an adorable black and white Border Collie who takes his readers on a nostalgic journey of his friendship with his late and best doggy friend; and mentor, Lucky.

Lucky, a wise old Golden Retriever was sure to prepare and encourage Toby to be the watch-keeper of their family once he had passed on. And, through Lucky's words of wisdom, Toby learned the responsibility of being a watch-keeper of closeness, comfort and safety." Simone Da Costa


Susan Keefe author  Susan Keefe author  Susan Keefe author  Susan Keefe author  Susan Keefe author  Susan Keefe author