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The Cosy Cottage Soap Company

The Cosy Cottage Soap Company.

Lovingly handmade natural soaps and complementary cosy products.

Welcome friends to the first few shelves in our beautiful, new cosy shop. We look forward to seeing you there soon.

Our lovingly handmade 'coconut with a hint of sweet orange' soap is made with only organic coconut oil, olive oil, a tiny bit of beeswax, essential oils and absolutely nothing else. Safe, splendid and lovely!

Uniquely moisturising coconut oil soap with a hint of sweet orange is handmade to our own secret recipe here at The Cosy Cottage.

Perhaps you would like our super relaxing Shea butter and lavender soap with a lavender scented candle. Natural, hand made with love at The Cosy Cottage. Not a single plastic microgranule in sight!

Our Cosy Cottage ethos - 
"Soaps and complementary cosy products, lovingly handmade in Yorkshire from gentle, natural ingredients. Our soaps are created to our own secret recipe, using coconut oil, olive oil, a trace of beeswax and hints of either sweet orange or lavender essential oils. We add no colourings, preservatives, microgranules nor anything else to our cosy products."

All our cosy products are available individually or combined to create a range of indulgent collections, from a pair of soaps to a luxurious suite of items. We are proud to send our cosy gift boxes, via UK mail on your behalf, bearing your own personalised message to your loved ones.

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The Cosy Cottage Soap Company

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Cosy cottage soap is gorgeous. Received mine in the post as a very touching surprise. It has a soft, luxurious texture, lovely scent - a home-made cashmere cardigan for the shower. Thank you Cosy Cottage
Jessica Douglas

... I sent my sister a Cosy Cottage Gift Box by UK post for her birthday. She absolutely  loved it and it saved me on postage from where I live in Spain ...
Ali in Alicante

... great to see only four ingredients in Cosy Cottage soaps, and all completely natural. When I compared looked closely at my usual brand, I realised there are so many additives which I know nothing about ...  
Em in London


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