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Under The Top

Under The Top. started in 2005 and was the first web site to offer Magic Knickers.

The biggest problem with Magic Knickers was that they rolled down,Shape wear has moved on with the creation of amazing new fabrics and shapes to offer the best comfort, support and line under all our clothes.

The best new invention is the "Wear Your Own Bra" range of garments, which allow you to wear your own bra but still support your bust, control your thighs and flatten your tummy.

Now we sell the excellent garments from Esbelt, which not only give great shape, but improves posture and helps to relieve back ache.

I really want to help you find the best fitting and supportive bra and shape wear that really will hold you in and give you the very best shape and posture.

I am not only used to fitting bras correctly, but am also a  qualified masectomy fitter.

Under The Top offers a comprehensive range of -

Sports and post operative bras.
Protect your assets, whether it is while running a marathon, after a breast operation or every day at work, any damage done to your breasts cannot be repaired, so take care of them.

Post Operative Bras to give great support and protection after breast augmentation or reduction.

Firm Shapewear
The most important thing to make you look good on that special day, is to make sure there are no lumps and bumps.
Perhaps for a wedding. You may be the bride, or the bride's mother or a guest. We all want to look our best on any special occasion. It does not matter if it is the Queen's Garden Party, or a BBQ next door.
Make sure that your underwear smooths everything under your dress to give a lump free silhouette.

Chafe Prevention
We all know about the problems of chafing, especially as the weather heats. You want to keep cool in a floaty dress, but know as soon as your get a bit sweaty the chafing will start and make life very uncomfortable.
So we have introduced our Anti Chafing range, our long pants are 95% or 100% cotton too keep you comfortable and cool.

All-in-One Bodies
The thing that make you look fat is rolls and lumps that protrude over your garments. As we get older we all has some spare flesh that no matter how had you try still peep over your clothes.

An all in one body give you complete smoothness from bust to thighs, our all-in-one bodies vary from light control to firm control; but the main principle is to eliminate the lumps and bumps. You do not have to lose a dress size to look slimmer, just look SMOOTH.

Support Underwired Bras
Best best  support  underwired bras on the market.

Accessories for bras and underwear

Retro and Vintage Underwear and Shapewear
Rago design and manufacture really retro underwear and shapewear in NewYork, using traditional methods and shapes, but ultra modern fabrics.
Our georgeous curvy models could not breath when they firtly wriggled into the Rago girdles and bodies, but had to admit after a few minutes they
felt really comfortable, and the vintage and retro shapewear reminded them to stand up right, always good for your back and posture.

Modern lingerie and underwear is manufactured using the lastest fabric to ensure maximum support and hold but also to allow breathability.
Retro and Vintage clothing are the buzz words at the moment, I suppose inspired by the 100th anniversary of the 1st world war, and the 70th anniversary
of the D Day landings, but those day say some stunning fashions in outerwear and underwear, and it is great to reproduce them in modern fabrics.

Under The Top

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