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A couple of hours in Tavira Algarve

A couple of hours in Tavira, Algarve

Tavira is yet another amazing fishing town on the Algarve that has not succumbed to mass tourism. 

If you are looking for a holiday or somewhere to visit and really want the all the benefits of the Algarve but without the mass tourist trade, then Tavira is one of those towns. There are traditional portuguese restaurants and cafes, amazing architecture and a real feel of the customs and traditions of Portugal

We sat by the river Gilão and watched men in the river moving stones and trying to catch something, we had no idea what, as the water was very shallow, a passerby joined us and explained they were collecting clams. It was so interesting to sit and watch such traditional fishing methods still in use.

There is the seven arch bridge, reportedly Roman in origin that spans the river.


Gilão river, Tavira.

Gilão river, Tavira. 

If you are feeling energetic It is worth taking the walk to the medieval Tavira castle (though not a walk for those with mobility problems) the castle gardens are fantastic and the view over the town is not to be missed.

Tavira castle. Tavira. 
The view from Tavira castle (try to look around John)

Whilst touring the town, not to be missed is The Santa María do Castelo Church, which houses the tombs of 7 knights killed by the Moors

The Santa María do Castelo Church. Tavira.

Unfortunately we only had a few hours in Tavira as part of a wider holiday, but it is one of those destinations that we truly intend to revisit for longer. It really is one of the most beautiful towns along the Algarve.

Author Bio: Jenny Lovett is the founder of A commission free advertising portal for holiday accommodation in Portugal and information about holiday destinations in Portugal

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