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A feast of photography

A feast of photography

A blog post ago I mentioned we stayed along the Nantes to Brest canalside at St Samson. What I hadn't done by the time I wrote that post was go through the feast of photography Alan and I had at a tiny town called St Gouvray, between St Samson and Rohan. There's an abandoned farm house at the edge of the village.

For many a moon I had wanted to stop and photograph this building but we were always on the way to somewhere and the opportunity didn't present itself until now. Good thing too because the day was perfect. A fresh and sunny morning with a bit of dew still on the grass.

The chosen images below are in no particular order and are simply a celebration of an ancient building with boarded doors, open windows, furniture still arranged inside (giving strength to the suspicion that folk still use the building at times), a piece of sculptural wood at an open window, the inevitable spider webs, bricks showing through plaster, wood piles in the garden, door handles, shutters ... and Alan taking his own pics.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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