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Julia Gillards Memoirs

Julia Gillard’s Memoirs

When I wrote this blog I had just bought an eBook of Julia Gillard’s memoirs: My Story. For three years and three days she was the prime minister of Australia and, as such, was the most powerful and most hated woman in Australia.

Apparently, the Australian media was her greatest tormentor. It simply wasn’t ready to embrace a female prime minister and, eventually, the “Ditch the Witch” campaign ensured her defeat. She immediately resigned from Parliament, convinced that staying on would be unfair to her successor and her political party.

I heard Julia speak at Auckland University on November 18. The event, ‘Julia Gillard in Conversation’, was organised by the Auckland Writers Festival in association with Penguin Random House. She impressed me with her intellect, her noble aspirations, her courage.


Julia Gillard – book signing at Auckland University
Although I’m not a political animal, I find her story intriguing. During her time in politics she was committed to making a difference, to making a better world, and education was her passion. Her three p’s: purpose, perseverance and people (things I can identify with) gave her a direction, a framework, a focus. I love the fact she is an atheist, not a Christian.

Her misogynist speech in Parliament became a global sensation. At the time of writing her memoirs, the speech had received more than 2.5 million hits on YouTube. It is a rallying call to all women in a male dominated world and I, for one, feel empowered by her strength and fortitude.

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