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The Pizzas are Amazing

The Pizzas are Amazing

by Katie.

From Barcelona in Spain we took the ferry to go to Italy. The food in Italy (pizza, ice cream, cakes…) tastes so different. The icecream is much creamier and the pizzas have lovely mozzarella and a crispy base. Dad says that’s because of the type of flour.

In Italy the roads are very bumpy and there are a lot of speed cameras!! But we didn’t go over speed, phew!.. The diesel is the most expensive on our trip so far, even up to 1€82 for a litre.

When we were driving we passed by a very pretty village – dad stopped and took a picture but unfortunately the road to go to the village was too small for a campervan. We wanted to go to an area called Marche in the middle of Italy but it was too far to go there in one day!! We found an area beside the beach it was a bit like camping, and the next day we drove to Pergola. Mum has been to Pergola a few times teaching at the school, and she said it was a lovely old town.


We met Adam’s friend Ascanio from Pergola, his mum Lucia who is the English teacher and his dad Massimo. We went out for tea at a pizzeria, the pizzas are so nice (mmm…). You get a whole pizza each!!!!……… Mine was mushroom, mozzarella and tomato.


The next morning we went to a bakers to get a few pastries for breakfast. The lady spoke a little bit of English because our Italian is not very good. We bought some crostata which is a pastry with Nutella in the middle and crisscross pastry on top.

Dad and I went on a beautiful walk through the village and on the way we decided to get an ice cream, we got three balls each!!!….it was 4€ in total for 2 ice creams. I had 1 ball of pine nuts, 1 ball of lemon curd and 1 ball of chocolate. It was really tasty, the pine nut was the best. Since mum was away working when we were in pergola I got her a little box of ice-cream too and put it in the campervan freezer.

A few days later we left Pergola to go to Ancona to get the ferry to go to Greece and we stayed there for 3 nights. We found a parking area which was just beside a bus stop so we got the bus to the centre. We got a few things for a picnic for the ferry. We had a pizza for lunch and we visited a few things but the castle was closed. Dad had a coffee with a heart made out of cream. It was a great day. The next day we packed up to get ready for the ferry.


I would love to go back to Italy and spend more time there. And eat more pizza.

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