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The annual island hopping trip with Heather

The annual island hopping trip with Heather

Every year we grab a rucksack, hop on the scooter and head from our home on Crete, to explore other areas of Greece. This year, we are visiting the islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

We left the port of Souda for the 9 hour crossing to Piraeus. Arriving on the Greek mainland, we then had a 300km ride to Killini.


On route to Killini, we stopped for a 5 euro, all you can eat breakfast in a quiet but quaint resort called Selianitika.

From Killini, we took the 90 minutes ferry to the port of Poros on Kefaloni. A 30 minute ride brought us to the Finikes studios. A clean and spacious apartment, surrounded by well tended gardens.

The apartment is a little out of the way so transport is needed to get to the local facilities but the surroundings are beautiful. A good night's sleep and then we explore tomorrow.

Had a run up into the mountains this morning. Lovely view of Argostoli


Argostoli town is small but pretty. A stroll along the front, to look at the boats is a must.

Zipping around on a scooter allows you to find those small, picturesque, off the map spots.

One thing I have found on my numerous travels is that the photos you see in a brochure are not what you get in reality. We have just visited Antisamos beach which is supposed to be the second nicest beach on Kefaloni.

From a distance, it looks lovely. The reality though, is wall to wall sunbeds and shipped in gravel.

Morton Beach

On arriving at this beach, it was made up of a mixture of sand, pebbles and gravel. Beautiful blue waters but zero facilities, not even a place to buy a drink.

Our next stop was a visit to the small town of Assos.

Assos is a quaint, pretty place with 4 tavernas, 2 gift shops and a small pebble beach.

And on to Fiskardo. A truly beautiful spot. Definitely aimed at the super rich and famous.


The Fiskardo Roman tombs

Today, the forecast for thunderstorms did not materialise so we rode over the mountains to Lixouri. The only thing I can say about Lixouri is it had a large square with a lot of coffee shops. Disappointed, we hopped on the ferry back to Argostoli.


This is our last night in Kefaloni. My opinion of Kefaloni?........ If you enjoy relaxing around a hotel pool or laying on a beach by bright blue waters, you will love it. If you like to visit places, see and do things then it's probably not for you. Rather expensive and not the value for money that many other Greek Islands are. Zakynthos tomorrow.
Arrived in Zakynthos

Made our way to the Blue Horizon studio's, just outside Argassi. The studio is basic but spacious and clean. Just across the road is a lovely taverna, overlooking the sea.

A trip into Argassi itself, revealed a mass of shops, restaurants of every cuisine and hundreds of bars. Definitely a place to have fun.


A wander around Zakynthos town and a stroll along the harbour.

The town is pretty and very cosmopolitan but a little spaced out. Lots of nice shops.

A ride around the mountains and a quick dip, to cool off before heading back to Vassilikos


Since today was our last day in Zakynthos, we decided to have a little rest and relaxation. But not before we had another ride around.

The view over Zakynthos town.


Turtle Island. Yes, that's where the turtles breed. you can take boat trips out to see them.


The largest Greek flag in the world. 678 square meters. The flag itself weighs 80kg


Porto Kaminia beach.

And there ends this year's island hopping tour. Tomorrow we catch the ferry to the mainland, ride 300klm to Paraeus and get the overnight ferry back to Crete. Goodbye from sunny Greece. Until next time.

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