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Tynwald Day on the Isle of Man

Tynwald Day on the Isle of Man

Tynwald Day is the National Day of the Isle of Man, usually observed on 5th July. It is a Bank Holiday.

On this day, the Island's legislature, Tynwald, meets at St John's. Normally they hold meetings in Douglas.


The Tynwald Day session is held partly in the Royal Chapel of St John the Baptist and partly in the open air on the adjacent Tynwald Hill. This meeting, the first recorded instance of which dates to 1417, is known as Midsummer Court.

It is attended by members of the two branches of Tynwald: the House of Keys, and the Legislative Council. The Lieutenant Governor, the representative of the Lord of Mann, presides except on the occasions when the Lord of Mann or another member of the British Royal Family is present. 

Having attended this event I remember there being a fair for all of the family afterwards. Plus there is a lot of lovely picnic areas within walking walking distance. These include the arboretum. which is set on 25 acres and great for picnics and feeding the ducks. There is a large pond and children's play area.


Some of you may associate the Isle of Man with other places and activities - 

The horse and trams along Douglas promenade

Loch promenade in Douglas

An old one of the horse car at Victoria pier

Castle Rushen in Castletown

The Isle of Man TT races

The Laxey wheel

Peel castle

The gate on old marine drive in Douglas

An old picture of Tynwald hill

An old picture of the then ship called Tynwald

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