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Winter Reflection

Winter Reflection
If I had to describe this remote region, in the northwest corner of Spain, in just three words it would be; 
‘Galicia shatters preconceptions’.

People’s biggest misconception is the weather. It would be foolish of me to say that it doesn’t rain in Galicia, because it does. The annual rainfall here is roughly the same as in the UK, however; from May through to October, Galicia is as hot as many other parts of Spain and hotter than some. You don’t have to be a gardener to know that water plus sunlight equals life; and Galicia is teeming with it. 

Galicia has something for everyone but could never be described as, ‘All Inclusive’. It’s a magical land steeped in history and rich in culture, where a sense of adventure and willingness to explore will reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams; but seeing is believing.

Two days remain of our winter break on the Costa del Sol. Once again we’ve had a wonderful time: the weather has been kind; family and friends have come and gone. As usual I’ve been busy snapping away and with scenery like this, it’s easy to create memorable impressions.
Have a look and tell me which are your three favourite snaps.

1. Setting The Tone

2. Merry Christmas

3. Viva España

4. Still Shades

5. Lookout

6. Spanish Symmetry

7. Catching the Breeze

8. Harbour Reflections

9. Catch

10. Distant Shore

11. Safe Haven

12. Shutter Speed

13. What a Wonderful World

14. Shadow Fall

15. All Work and No Play

16. Apartment- Bergs

17. Whispers

18. The Patient Fisherman

19. One, Two, Tree

20. Busy Little Bee

21. Magical Malaga

22. El Dorado

23. Catch of the Day

24. Twin Towers

25. We'll Meet Again

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