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Alison Alderton - 17/09/2018

The English Informer is a wonderful and informative worldwide site. It features something for everyone and with its many varied length features enables the reader to easily dip in and out of its contents at any time of day, or night. If you are looking for a quick read whilst enjoying a coffee or something longer which you can take your time over, it can be found here. It is also an excellent site for those who love travelling, whether in person or from the armchair, and often provides some unusual insights to otherwise well-known places. Susan Allen is to be congratulated on creating a compelling online magazine. She is also a pleasure to work with - kind, considerate and always happy to discuss new topics. Susan, I wish you every success with The English Informer and very much look forward to working with you more in the future.

Ashley Davidson-Fisher - 14/09/2018

Thank you so much Susan for the wonderful work you've done in promoting both my first children's book and my website! You're amazing! I appreciate it beyond the words I can say. I really enjoy your online site, there is something for everyone here. So many goodies and topics to discover! Keep up the terrific work and thanks again :)

Marilyn Z. Tomlins - 12/09/2018

Susan, Your site looks terrific.

Angela Cartner - 16/05/2018

By the way, congratulations on your new website etc. Looks fabulous. I have just turned on notifications so that I can receive everything on Facebook and have shared your page to my timeline so my friends can have a read too. There is something for everyone in your mag - it's brilliant and such a good read! Loads of useful info and advice, plus all sorts of other stuff. Love it!!

Jacqueline Grant - 05/09/2016

I am truely amazed by the support, help and professional approach, not to mention all the hard work from Susan, you are taking me on a journey completely new to me and i am very excited by it. This is such a good site!! A great big thank you Susan.

Katie May - 10/08/2016

Great work Susan and much thanks for including us! Katie May -

Robert Moon - 21/07/2016

Hi Sue, thanks for contacting me out of blue regarding your site I've had a look at your site which is very informative, you have done loads of research and there is something for everybody to read, including a business directory. Keep up the good work and your advertising fees are excellent. I am happy to place an ad with you. Robert Moon, Applicateur3D. Expert Pest Controller in France (with French Diplomas).

Sara Spencer - 17/05/2016

Susan, thank you so much for all the work you have done promoting my artwork, you are a star. You are very efficient, friendly and on the ball and everything you have done is very much appreciated. Thank you. :-)

Lesley Robertson - 05/04/2016

Thanks Susan for your hard work and help with my advertisement and Recipe section. It has been a great pleasure getting to know you and working with you, you are a fountain of knowledge and support. Thank you!

thelawnmowerclinic79 - 02/03/2016

Susan has done a fantastic job putting together our article, very professional & efficient at all times on such a great informative site & we look forward to working with Susan in the future, well done & many thanks.

Dielle Ciesco - 17/02/2016

I am so impressed with Susan! She's so on top of things, communicates clearly, and obviously cares about her advertisers. What an amazing service and value!

Wendy Goodwin - 19/01/2016

I first advertised with the English Former towards the end of 2015 and immediately noticed a dramatic increase in traffic to the business facebook page and I mean dramatic! It just shows how effective social media can be! There has been a steady flow of traffic ever since. Firstly the advertising costs are very reasonable and affordable. Ideal for small businesses just starting out. Secondly Susan is exceptionally efficient and professional and also very proactive in helping you to get the best out of your advertising and by also encouraging you give updates like special offers and events.This is not just any ordinary advertising website and it contains lots of very well written and interesting articles too. A very easy website to navigate, especially for the technophobes like me! Thank you Susan for all your help and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Julie Askew - 18/01/2016

Susan is such a positive and efficient person, I look forward to developing our working relationship in the future and wish her all the best with this online magazine (ad)venture!

Freddy Rueda - 16/01/2016

Thanks Susan, I am happy to have my website listed with your good quality website. Freddy Rueda (Estate agent in the Languedoc)

Lorraine Wallace - 14/01/2016

Thank you Susan for a great online resource. You have offered a very professional and efficient service which I am happy to recommend. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Tandy Louise - 14/01/2016

I have just renewed my advert with the Informer.....excellent service that has resulted in me being top of the Google ratings!!! Thanks Susan.

Margaret A. Daly - 28/11/2015

What a fantastic site! Your interviews and discussions are descriptive and organized! Thank you for featuring me here, it was such a joy to speak with you. You are highly recommended!!!

Liz Wixley - 21/11/2015

I would like to offer a huge thanks to all those who work on 'English Informer'. As an author I would like to highly recommend their services. Any queries I had received an immediate, friendly response. If you want to reach a wider audience this is the place to go. 5*****

Michael William Park - 22/10/2015

Great service in setting me up, pain free and all done with great professionalism and already a new contact on the first day. many thanks Susan for the opportunity to get my business out there! Michael William Park Hair Salon.

Suzanne Thorne La maison de Bougie - 22/10/2015

many thanks Susan for your super efficiency in setting me up on The Informer. It's been great liasing with you and I look forward to being able to take my business forward. You offer great customer service, advice and assistance and superb value in getting businesses out there. You're a star!

Cinda Brooks - 14/10/2015

Refreshingly easy! Susan was quick, personable and professional. What a friend and supporter of writers and readers. Thank you!

Olga Nunez Miret - 13/10/2015

I love the opportunity this site provides to exchange the views and experiences of people from all walks of life living abroad. Such a fertile ground for ideas and so easy to share and follow. Excellent work!

Alice De Sao Joao - 23/09/2015

A little note of thanks ~: What a privilege to have you in my corner Susan and a real pleasure to work with you. I love your professionalism, enthusiasm and gentle motivation. The service you provide exceeds expectation and I think it's because your heart light is reflected in your work. Wishing you every success with English Informer SmileyLove, Ali

Jo Morris Bingham - Your Image My Imagination - 12/09/2015

I don't know how she does it, but on a regular basis Susan engages with every one of her advertisers, authors and contributors keeping the magazine current and relevant. She helped me set up my advertising, then gently nudged me along to promote myself. Hands on, professional care for a very, very reasonable price. I feel that I am not just an advertiser and a contributor but that I am part of the English Informer Family. Well done Susan!

Rik Stone - 04/09/2015

Susan is a great girl to work with and her magazines are friendly, easy to navigate and professionally presented. The articles are diverse and interesting, and although I've only discovered the magazine due to the interview I had with Susan, I shall continue with the read. Thank you!

Susan Joyce - 04/09/2015

Susan, many thanks for your magazine! A pleasure to read and contribute to the valuable information you provide.

Jacky Donovan - 17/08/2015

I absolutely love Susan's speed, proficiency, and enthusiasm every time I work with her. She has helped to promote both my memoir and also We Love Memoirs Day which our facebook group is preparing for right now! I thoroughly recommend being involved with her and her websites.

John Needham - 16/08/2015

Congratulations Susan on producing such an excellent magazine for readers and contributors alike, and on your professionalism and patience. It's a pleasure to collaborate!

Charlotte Vaughan - 06/08/2015

I think everyone has already said it all. Susan is very friendly and very efficient and runs a great online publication.

Kate Sevoz - 24/07/2015

Just and simply very impressed with Susan's professional approach and speedy response in everything she does! Also a great person to deal with. Great magasines (both France and UK versions) Advertising with you is a real bonus!

Jane - 24/07/2015

I've found Susan to be very helpful, efficient & prompt. She has done a fantastic job with my advert nudging me along the way & I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Thanks Susan for all your work

Marilyn Z.Tomlins - 18/07/2015

I highly recommend getting in touch with Susan. From my first communication with her I found her a super lady. Her sites are a writer's dream come true. Thank you Susan! Much appreciated. Marilyn

Susan Keefe - 03/07/2015

What wonderful magazines. From first contact I found Susan to be friendly, efficient, professional, helpful and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future and wish this great publication every success.

chris kirk - county removals - 29/06/2015

Just a word to say how impressed at the speed and quality of Susans work . We look forward to working with her

Steve Lyons - 19/06/2015

Susan was a great help making our advert, she had to put up with some IT bloomers from me but we ended up with a perfect advert, many thanks and what a great site.

Sarah Jane Butfield - 13/06/2015

I would like to congratulate Susan Allen and the English Informer for creating and maintaining such an informative and diverse site. I am honoured to be a contributor and I would encourage visitors to the site to get involved, it is a valuable resource and very entertaining. Keep up the great work!

Jane Hunt - 12/06/2015

Thank you very much for all of your support of the LAARF animal refuge volunteer Group. You are very responsive, proactive and helpful. Facebook - LAARF SPA Volunteer Network.

Ailsa Abraham - 03/06/2015

Thanks, Susan, for this wonderful opportunity to share my work (and my funny little French life) with everyone. I love the site and am having such fun being a part of it on a regular basis. Hope people will make suggestions if they want to hear anything in particular from me. You, Lady, are doing a wonderful job!

Gary & Jayne Evans - Couleurs de Vie - 02/06/2015

Thank you Susan for your professionalism, energy and hard work. We are really pleased with the results and couldn't have done this without your help and patience. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Susie Kelly - 29/05/2015

Thank you, Susan, for featuring my titles on your website. I've seen a surge in sales on each book so far. It's such an informative and interesting site, I don't know how you manage to do so much!

Julie mason - 27/05/2015

Wow Susan,what a dynamo- I thought I worked hard!! Looking forward to a long and happy business relationship. ..

Charles Miller - Charente Immobilier - 04/05/2015

We're really pleased with the advertising on the Informer sites. Susan is extremely professional, efficient and full of good ideas. Couldn't ask for more.

Beth Brodie - 02/05/2015

I have recently had an article published on the English Informer in France webpage as I have a business in France designing and making jewellery. I have also taken out a years advertising which allows me to advertise on the French and English site for a year. As I work from home I rely on internet marketing, selling at exhibitions, craft fairs etc. Since the article I have had more interest in my website which has led to sales. I am not computer friendly, however, I have just submitted information,special offers, points of interest to Susan (the editor) who has entered all of the information onto the website making it look professional. An excellent investment for the business.

Lesley Tither - 27/04/2015

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to talk about my books and my life in France. Very much enjoyed it.

Susannah Hutchinson. - 27/04/2015

Thank you Susan, for all the exposure you are giving me regarding my book, with this amazing magazine.

Diana Rissetto of Authoright - 22/04/2015

Susan Allen was a delight to work with when I was promoting an author with a France-themed book. Very professional and prompt! We look forward to working with her again.

Kate - 13/04/2015

Thanks Susan for all your help with promoting our event. I am really enjoying your site and look forward to getting the updates.

Fenella Jackson - 10/04/2015

Thank you Susan for your recent work with us and adding us to your site. We are very grateful and incredibly impressed with the amount of valuable information you offer. We wish you a happy and successful Summer! Many thanks again.

Jennifer Capron Iddon - 03/04/2015

I feel very lucky and privileged to be published each week in two well regarded magazines and thank the Editor Susan for all her hard work and continued dedication to the 2 excellent magazines. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Jon Tait - 01/04/2015

I'm really grateful to The English Informer for giving my work exposure to a wide audience. There are a multitude of features on the site each week and it's always worth checking out for fresh new ideas and writing. First class.

Paul Williams - 25/03/2015

I love The English Informer each week. There's always such a varied range of topics and interests featured, sure to be something for all tastes. I am so grateful to Susan for serialising my novel The Little Sentinel of the Sierra Nevada, but this is one of only many wonderful features on offer every week.

Clara Challoner Walker - 11/03/2015

Some fetching Saudi headwear and a lovely interview by Susan Allen on The English Informer in the UK and The English Informer In France websites - keeping local communities in France and the UK, up to date with news, views and other interesting topics various!

Linda Kovic-Skow - 07/03/2015

It was such an honor for my memoir, French Illusions, to be the first book selected for the English Informer's Online Book Club. I've enjoyed the participant's comments - they were thoughtful and insightful. My author interview was a special treat. I've found this website so engaging that I've bookmarked it for the future.

Vicki Bassey - Victoria Bassey Jewellery - 02/03/2015

As a new advertiser with the English Informer In France online magazine, I have to say how pleased I have been with the assistance and guidance offered by Susan Allen. Susan has been extremely active on my behalf, making suggestions and requesting material which I wouldn't necessarily have thought of to promote my business. Advertising in The English Informer In France offers fantastic value for money and I am looking forward to working with Susan in the months ahead. I would certainly encourage any business to give it a go.

Nicky Peet - 09/02/2015

Susan is a dream to work with, friendly, willing you there with a nudge, forgets no one and really cares for you and your business. Incredible value for money and highly professional. Many many thanks for your hard work Susan. Fab site too!

Beth Brodie - 07/02/2015

How refreshing to work with someone who is professional, on the ball and obviously very good at her job. Thank you for the support Susan and I look forward to working with you with my advertising in the future.

Karen Withey - 27/01/2015

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Much appreciated!

Karen - 21/01/2015

I love your magazine! And I love that I can get it online, since I'm in the States/across the pond. Love, love, love!!

R Robinson - 16/01/2015

What a great site! Will be coming here more and more... Mr R. Robinson

Julie Hutchison Team leader Neals Yard - 16/01/2015

I must say how happy I am with The Informer advertising, reasonably priced,and exactly what I required.It was a pleasure to deal with Susan who was totally professional and efficient.

Joanna Urwin - 16/01/2015

Great to see such a comprehensive site - laid out really well and kept up-to-date! Well done and thank you!



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